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In Touch

In Touch are personalised massage sessions in which I visit tools of Ayurvedic Medicine and Aroma Oil Therapy in order to provide you with a deeply healing massage. The highest quality of essential oils are applied to your skin through a set of dynamic Ayurvedic rhythms and strokes. In a serene and intimate environment, I help you to reconnect your body and mind so that an optimal sense of wholeness and wellbeing may occur.

Currently I'm offering three treatments: Abhyanga, Padabhyanga and Shila Abhyanga. These treatments are being combined with an Aroma Oil Therapy of your choice. The warm essential oils being applied, rich of vitamins and minerals, get deeply absorbed into your skin. The wholesome scents of the oils will nurture your soul and give you new energy and strength. 

Abhyanga is a full body massage, involving spiralling strokes, circular frictions and kneading techniques. By following specific Ayurvedic pathways along Meridians and Marma points, this massage has a great reinforcing effect on the whole of your body and mind. Amongst many features, this ultimate relaxing therapy reduces stiffness, blockades and stress. It improves your blood circulation and strengthens your immune system. Thanks to it's supporting effect on your musculature, Abhyanga also helps you to 'release from' and 'prepare for' greater physical performances.

Padabhyanga is an ancient Ayurvedic Foot massage. Pressure points on the feet (marma) get stimulated which promotes the flow of energy (prana) throughout your body. Padabhyanga brings stability in the midst of our often chaotic world and restless lives. Due to its calming effect this massage is most suitable to treat nervousness and sleeplessness. In addition to the basic foot massage you can ask for a 'head & feet' supplement whereby your feet first get immersed in a sparkling bath while your head, shoulders and neck are being massaged.


Shila Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic Hot Stone Massage. For over 5000 years hot stones are being used in various healing rituals and massages. The heat originating from the volcanic stones has a wholesome and recuperating effect on the body. Ayurvedic techniques involve circling, kneading and stroking movements in combination with the placement of the stones along meridians and pressure points (marma). The hot stone massage has a powerful reinforcing effect and gives a boost to the immune system. It is deeply warming and repairing and therefore ideal during the cold season.

Pricing and bookings:

Aroma Oil Therapy is no doubt one of the most pleasing ways to enjoy the healing power of essential oils. Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic extracts originating from flowers, fruits, leaves, barks, seeds, roots,... The specific therapeutic properties of the oil doesn't only affect the skin, it also has uplifting effects on body & soul. You will see, smell, hear, think and feel more clearly!

Ingredients: Sesame oil + 100% pure organic essential oils. Please choose your most favourable home made blend:

Rise 'n Shine (neroli - lavender - bergamot)

Sedative, sensational & soft. Supports digestion and relieves cramps.

Ginger Love (ginger - grapefruit - lemongrass)

Brings warmth, strength & safety. A boost for the immune system.

Pepper & Spice (black pepper - cinnamon - orange)

Tingling, piquant & invigorating. Stimulates the blood circulation and reinforces the musculature.


Pick me Up (pine - camphor - rosemary)

Eases stress, fear & fatigue. Great nervous pacifier and anti-inflammatory.

Flower Power (palma rosa - ylang ylang - jasmine)

Seductive, ecstatic & titillating. Releases pain and relaxes the soul.