© Hasui Kawase, Spring moon at Ninomiya Beach

Full Moon Walks

“Without an awareness of touch, and the physicality of our bodies, the myriad and changing world in which we live seems fixed and distant and we ourselves caught within stories that seem to repeat themselves. But as we awaken to the touch of the world on our skins, we discover a sense of dialogue and the possibility of change.”

Miranda Tufnell & Chris Crickmay, A widening field, journeys in body and imagination.

During this fabulous, sensory full moon walking exploration, we travel inner and outer pathways along one of the most unspoiled shores left in Europe, located along the southern coastline of Portugal, Algarve.

Info & registration: 

Email: mieke.weckesser@gmail.com

Telegram: t.me/mikosplace

As opposed to representational narratives of site (historical, geological,...), I invite participants to an immediate and immersive way of engaging with the landscape. By attuning to the present moment, we open up our body-mind in relation to the elements. As sensing, feeling and moving bodies, we activate our imagination and receptivity: entangled and porous, we dwell in the affective landscape and follow the ebb and flow of 'becoming'.

As your guide, I'm offering movement scores throughout the day, enabling us to dive fully into the poetics of our experience, weaving together inner and outer life. These scores are a set of instructions which are pure and simple. They require no prior knowledge or particular physical strength. They are meant to orient our awareness towards organic movement patterns arising from within and without. As such, they invite us to a greater reciprocity between our bodily selves and the particular scenery; its textures, rhythms and forms.

Reconnecting body, mind and nature through this unique and holistic approach, we create and intimate bond with our surroundings: the ocean, the beach, the skyline and cliffs as well as the inhabiting fauna and flora. Supported by the full moon, we tap deep into our senses and into our intuitive ways of knowing and perceiving the panorama, majestic with its stunning colours, fragrances and sights. Our day ends together under the light of the rising moon.

“The sights and sounds which speak most deeply to us, move us, move us where we thought we were sealed over.”

Miller Mair, Between Psychology and Psychotherapy