Mieke Weckesser (BE-1979) is a movement artist and writer. Between 2008 and 2013, her artistic collaboration with writer and theatre director Hazim Kamaledin (IQ) led to various performances in London, Novi Sad and Antwerp. In 2013, Mieke was part of a dance and movement research Group at CarWash Theatre, led by Louise Chardon (FR). In 2015, Mieke graduated with distinction at the University of Antwerp where she studied philosophy and film-, theatre-, and literature sciences. The same year and after an intensive practicum at the institute for Ayurveda, Freiburg she became a certified massage practitioner. In 2017, Mieke gratuated at TIP – Schule fur Tanz, Improvisation und Performance (DE). In 2018 and together with Agnes Schneidewind (AT), she founded 'Aliens Connected', a horizontal and trans-disciplinary space, crossing boundaries between poetry, drawing and performing arts. In addition to her growing artistic curriculum, Mieke started working as an outdoor tourguide in the Black Forest, Germany. In 2019, Mieke and Agnes were Artists in Residence at Arteventura (ES) where they published Dead Day Dog, a SF documentation of a cosmic cleaning performance. In community with the Freie Tanzszene Freiburg (2017-2019) and supported by Kulturamt Freiburg, Mieke worked nationally and internationally for choreographer Andrea Lagos (CL) and created and directed performances in cooperation with Südufer Freiburg and ZKM Karlsruhe.


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As a student of, and further touched by the work of Joao Fadeiro (Real Time Composition), Eckhard Müller (Contact Improvisation), Olive Bieringa (Body-Mind centering®), Robert Moss (Dreamwork), Louise Chardon (Embodied Philosophy) and Lilo Stahl (Improvisation/Instant Composition), Mieke continues to explore the relation between improvisation, imagination and somatics. Currently she is living in Portugal where she deepens her research in sensory awareness and its transcription within the field of 'Touch', 'Movement' as well as 'the Art of Walking'. 

A documentation of Mieke's Performance Art & Poetry is to be found on www.miekeweckesser.wordpress.com