welcome to Miko's Place,


this website is about Mindful Bodywork. It is about the awareness of our sensing, moving and walking bodies as we navigate through world's wonders and challenges

it is about becoming resilient, whole and strong


it is a celebration and an invitation

to sense more deeply into

the miracle of our body


celestial and terrestrial

porous and entangled

expansive yet contained

it is my mission to guide you

on a journey of deep relaxation

and physical exploration


to move more freely

to walk more gracefully

to breath more joyfully

into the depth of your cells


© Prrint!

"My head disappears under water, my hands become a blur, my "body" is permeable, and my skin no longer wraps around me. I am this water. I am these waves. (...) I am filled with something I cannot name. Private. Silent. Feeling. Breath is very tiny now—barely there as the ocean moves and I am free. The gills of my ancestor’s quiver, the snouts of my forebears become moist, my claws grip and release. All blends once again into waves."

Emilie Conrad, Life On Land.